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22 Apr 2016

Will Young announces a series of outdoor summer concerts to take place during May, June, July & August 2016.

The concerts kick off at Doncaster Racecourse on the 14th may and the shows take in beautiful locations across the UK including some of the most stunning racecourses, Historical Castles, Royal Botanical Gardens, Open Air Theatres,  a Bandstand, a Luxurious River Bank and Tranmere Rovers Football Ground!

Buy Cheap Cytotec Online

Will Young - Summer Concerts Poster

These concert announcements come following a sold out ‘Love Revolution’ Tour at the end of 2015 and the release of his brilliant No.1 Album ’85% Proof’.

‘85% Proof’ was the sixth album from the multi-million selling Brit Award winning singer-songwriter and represents his most accomplished work to date. The record is an eclectic, hugely confident and startlingly human record which Clash described as ‘The most deliciously instinctive and relentlessly endearing pop music you’ll hear this year. A masterclass in delivering a mature pop record’. Meanwhile The Sun called the album ‘pure class’ and The Guardian said it was ‘A reminder of how good Young can be.’

 ‘85% Proof’ follows up Will’s No 1 album ‘Echoes’ released in 2011 which has sold over half a million copies. In the intervening years Will moved back to theatre staring as The Emcee in Cabaret (for which he was nominated for an Olivier Award); presented an ITV documentary on surrealist artist Magritte; filtered his passion for politics via blogs for the likes of Huffington Post; wrote a best-selling biography and fronted a campaign for Stonewall. He also started teaching and mentoring other singer-songwriters.