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Shut in a cupboard
Can’t even breathe in the air
Banging my fists
To see if anyone’s there
I gave you my heart
Felt it was the only way
Felt it was love
How could love only last for a day

I was under your charge
Did you see you did me wrong?
I learnt to read the signs
To know what was going on
In my heart I hated you
For taking away my sun

Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Oh my god
You broke my heart
Tore me apart

Thank you

Not a good teacher
You marked my papers all wrong
I sensed the danger
As you were dragging me along
My hands are burnt
The medicine doesn’t work

Oh my god

Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Oh my god
You broke my heart
Tore me apart

Thank you

Thank you Thank you Thank you
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Oh my god
You broke my heart
Tore me apart

Fuck you!

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