Tell me how did we fall into this place?
We move and we’ll never be replaced
And I can’t even think about the next
It’s too far away
First I must forget…by leaving
I am a different man
I didn’t have the picture, for the perfect frame
I’m lonely
We travelled streets unknown, been away too long
Now its time to go…

Back with our love

We should never be strangers
You should never pass me on the street
Won’t you please remember me,
As I remember you

Looking back, we were strangers in the night
We were told, but we let our hearts collide
And i swear i had the time of my life
Wish i could stay..it just wouldn’t be right …

I know you
You turn the light of last ..you let me sleep to dream
You let me wake up first, I believe in you
And that will never change, but I must turn away….
Now its time to go……

Back with our love

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