Soi Dog

01 May 2015

Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) is a legally registered Non Profit foundation in Thailand and five other countries with the sole objective of relieving the suffering of the millions of stray animals in Thailand. Established in 2003 on the island of Phuket SDF is now Thailand’s largest foundation helping stray animals throughout Thailand. It has permanent facilities on Phuket and in Bangkok and responds to crisis situations throughout the country. SDF strives to maximise donations 91% of funds raised goes directly to the programmes to help the animals, the remaining 9% is used on administration & staff costs.

Soi Dog’s main aims are:

  • To reduce over population through sterilisation. Over 10,000 animals per year are currently sterilised at both its permanent clinics in Bangkok and Phuket, and at mobile clinics elsewhere.
  • To treat sick and injured animals, that would be left to die on the streets.
  • To shelter animals that have been victims of cruelty and abuse or can no longer live on the streets.
  • To re-home suitable animals.
  • To feed animals who would otherwise go hungry.
  • To educate local communities about animal welfare.
  • To stop the inhumane and barbaric illegal dog meat trade and to support those dogs rescued from it.